I have one purpose in coaching- to help you build influence that lasts. 

You can go further faster with coaching. If you are looking for a boost in your productivity, time management, or life/work balance, coaching will bring the results you are looking for.

According to an independent study done by PricewaterhouseCoppers, the majority of those who had a formal coach had great results.

The study showed that there were strong interpersonal skills learned, with the vast majority seeing improvement in the areas of self-confidence, relationships, communications skills, and life/work balance. Self-leadership always precedes team leadership, and coaching will begin with how you lead yourself.
Once we have established a base, we will focus on your professional planning and results. The study mentioned above showed that the majority of those who hired a coach received the following results in the workplace.      

professional impact of coaching 

Improved Work Performance 

Improved Business Management

Improved Time Management


Improved Team Effectiveness 

benefits of coaching

Design a plan for your life

Create a plan to nail your personal and professional goals

Create a rhythm for your personal and professional life

Give the appropriate time to each area of your life. 

how coaching works 

Behavioral Assessment 

Learn how you respond to different situations

 Phone Calls

Once or twice a month we will have a 30-45 minute phone call

Map out a plan for your business

Bring clarity to the direction and decisions your business needs to take.

Develop your team

Bring value to your team by developing them

Action PLans

Leave each call with a specific call to action

Follow Up

In between phone sessions,  I will follow up with your progress via email

What others are saying

I am a real estate investor and private lender in the state of Florida and for the last year or so I've been working with Justin Setzer. He has been a Godsend. As an entrepreneur, it is always refreshing to spend time with someone that helps you clarify your objectives, holds you accountable and encourages you to reach new heights. The time that we spent together has been priceless and has helped me to stay focused on not only developing the business but myself. I have been very blessed to work with Justin and he has become a close friend and associate. The fact that he really cares about me as a person and respects what I do makes it easy to take direction and counsel from him. And, when I've implemented the advice I have yielded great fruit. If you are seeking to reach a new level through personal development or you are aiming to grow your business, Justin is a fantastic person to have on your team. I would highly recommend anyone work with him if they really desire to seek God's purpose and fulfill their objectives. Most people live their lives reacting to the circumstances. Very few get to live their life on purpose.
Rick Melero
Principal at HIS Capital Group