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If you believe in your organization or cause, you probably want to reach more people. There is one issue though, as individuals we are limited in how much we can accomplish alone. In the midst of our day-to-day activities, we get stuck doing things that are not our highest payoff activity.


It was in a season where I was wanting to move forward the mission of the church I lead, that I created “Discovering the Process of Delegation.” I wrote it for me, and my team. Seasons of frustration can result in season of innovation. Most of the good content out there on any subject, came from the writers struggle with a topic or situation. This was the case with this E-book.

There I was wanting to move forward so bad, but instead I was getting caught up doing activities that would be better suited for someone else. I have a real tension to manage though, most of the work done at the organization I lead is done by volunteers. So I can’t just dump what I don’t want to do on them, honestly it is not fair to them. For this reason, I believe we should delegate to others according to theirs passions and skills.

What I was lacking was a clear process to get the results I desired. So I created it this Ebook with accompanying worksheets. “Discovering the Process of Delegation” is not only a short E-book, it includes step-by-step instructions to help you empower those around you. Yes, you have attempted to delegate before, and possibly failed, the issue is you may not have delegated correctly.

“Discovering the Process of Delgation” will help you:

* Understand the principles of delegation
* Know the rules for effective delegation
* Empower your team
* Decide who can delegate to
* Discover your highest payoff activities

I have included two worksheets that will help you track a path of effective delegation. I seriously believe the results that you can have form following the steps laid out in this E-book, can change your organization.

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