Five Improvements From Eliminating Excessive Sugar for 50 Days

Food and money are two things most people know the best thing to do with, but few seem to follow their own advice.

Growing up, my family had an affinity for sweet things, especially ice cream. I remember vividly that a large grocery would put ice cream on sale – ten half gallons for ten dollars. My mom would make each of us kids go through the checkout line and buy 10 half gallons. As a ten-year-old, it was always weird to pretend I was at the store alone to buy five gallons of ice cream, all while my identical twin brother stood in line behind me to do the same thing.

Occasionally, my dad would eat a whole half-gallon by himself. This was no problem since there was another THIRTY in our freezer in the garage.

Fast forward to the end of 2017, when I realized I had a sugar addiction. Though I am not a lover of all sweets, I consume a ton of sweet ice coffee, sweet tea, and ice cream. I began to worry about the long-term ramifications my excessive sugar intake would have on my health. I needed a change.

During my quarterly review, I decided I needed to cut sugar out of my diet as part of my life plan. A week later, I was on the phone with my coach (I not only coach, but I believe in coaching) and decided to take the next step and cut the majority of sugar out of my diet. This commitment would mean no sweet drinks, cookies, desserts, ice cream – nothing that had a high sugar content.

At the time of this writing, it has been more than fifty days since I cut out sugar, and I wanted to point out a couple observations.

1. Improved Cravings

Besides that time I went to Chick-fil-a and the peppermint milkshake advertisement on the menu board seemed to be staring at me, my sugar cravings have been much more manageable than I expected.

2. Improved Energy Levels

This is probably the change I’ve noticed most. Before cutting out sugar from my diet, I had nasty energy crashes almost every afternoon. Now my energy levels are much more stable, which helps me be more productive and better focused.

3. Improved Health Choices

While I will probably never be a diet role model, improving this one area of my diet has inspired me to make better health choices.

4. Improved Conscience

Maybe guilt is not the right word, but before I cut out sugar, there was an underlying concern with what I was doing to my body. Once I made better choices, this concern evaporated.

5. Improved Mental Health

This one is tougher to pinpoint, but I seem to be enjoying better mental health. Intrigued by the possibility, I read an article on Forbes that states “over-consumption of sugar triggers imbalances in certain brain chemicals, upping the chances of outcomes like depression and anxiety.”

Excessive sugar intake may not be as much of an issue for you as it was for me, but I want to encourage you to ask what one improvement in your life make the biggest difference? I would love to hear your answers below.