ENCORE: Four Rocks of Leading a Team

Many leaders have probably questioned themselves to whether or not they are leading their team well. While there are many different things you can focus on, there are some that are essential.

I love going to conferences with a team to learn together. There is something to say about taking a group out of their normal work environment and learning together.

The conferences that I attend typically have main sessions where everyone is in the same room together, and small breakout sessions or workshops.

In a conference I previously attended, one of the breakout sessions I attended was on leading a team, and they shared the four rocks necessary to lead a team effectively.

  1. Roles and Expectations

Wait a minute; everyone already knows what their job is, right? The answer is yes and no. According to a Gallup poll, half of all employees do not have clarity around what they are supposed to do.

Part of your job as a leader is to help clearly define what your team’s individual job description is. Part of the clarity may come in the form of their title, but ultimately it comes in what you expect from them.

Telling people once what they are supposed to do is not enough, consistent feedback from their leader is necessary to reinforce what is truly most important.

  1. Empowerment

The potential of your organization lies within your team. For this reason, your team needs to be empowered to do their jobs, and do it effectively. So you will go beyond just delegating tasks to your team, but you will give authority and responsibility to them.

The term delegation may make you cringe, but it should not. We are not talking about abdication here, where you totally eliminate any responsibility you have in the situation. To help with the process, the leader will provide consistent coaching which will reduce the probability of things going wrong. I wrote a short book on delegation you can access here.

  1. Communication

Communication has already been a consistent theme in the first two points, but it needs to be iterated again here. The leader should constantly be communicating to the team. One of the most important things the leader needs to communicate is the vision.

Whether you are leading a staff meeting, doing a one-on-one, or brainstorming a better way to do things with your team, communication vision should be part of it all.


  1. Consistency

It will help your team a ton if you are consistent in a few areas:

  1. Consistent with what the main goal is
  2. Consistent in your decision making
  3. Consistent in your mood and attitude
  4. Consistent in your meeting times

These four areas are part of your responsibility as a leader. They will help your team have more clarity, be empowered to do their job, and clearly understand what is most important.

Which one of these areas are you already doing well? Which one needs improvement?