Make Progress Next Quarter With These Three Questions

Time seems to fly by, as least in hindsight. We get to the end of the year, and we are left wondering where the year went.

I was blessed by the arrival and birth of my daughter, Cariss, five weeks ago. The other day someone was inquiring whether or not she had been born yet, and I let them know that she was a month old.

We have just entered into the second quarter of this year, and I have talked to people who did not accomplish what they wanted to in the first part of the year. There may be many reasons for that, but there are ways to repeat them from being repeat offenders.

1.What is essential?

What are the things that are essential to accomplishing this quarter? Is there a skill that needs to be developed? Do you need to make sure you are spending adequate time nurturing client relationships or developing team members?

The essential things are those that are necessary for you to hit your goals for the year and should catapult to hitting your long term goals as well.

2. What is getting in the way?

For most people, there are activities that have to be done even though they are not the most important ones.

But there are those activities that we engage with ourselves with that are neither important nor urgent. When it comes to those activities you should either delegate, automate, or eliminate them

3. What is a home run look like for this quarter?

Think about three months from now, looking back what do you want the last three months to look like? What is going on at work, what projects have been completed or eliminated?

Regardless of your progress over the last few months, you can move forward with renewed vision moving forward. Take a break from the grind and ask yourself these three questions and rock this quarter.